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Yup, you read that right. This is my HMD! A.k.a., it's a secret ninja message post. So, whoo, post all secret messages for ninjas here!

...if, um, the ninja is Yuffie Kisaragi. Y'know, me. Right. Okay!
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[There's a pause, pentip frozen on the paper under the frantic scrawl while Materia pulls her sudden panicked thoughts into something coherent.]

Are the chocobos okay!?
slight smile, you're not so bad for a moron : )

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Hey, Mighty Birdwhisperer! I know you're the grand master of tulip-fu and all that farming junk, but how much do you seriously know about chocobos? I mean besides getting them to stop mobbing somebody.
riiiiiiiight, : [

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Okay, not that all the crazy war-zone stuff isn't a problem, and I'm not too happy about looking like a rainbow soldier factory threw up on me either, but...

Has anybody else noticed that there are holes in the world down in the Scrapyard?

I mean like serious holes, or portals or something. In the air, or sometimes the trash heaps. They're all made of creepy white light inside, like the Wilderness on a bad day, and I tried throwing something through one and it didn't come out the other side. I swear, this isn't normal and it's freaking me out.
can has swag?, brought you something

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Okay, um, I guess being totally dressed up in bright blue is better than my clothes falling off all the time. Yay, Tree? :|

Anyway, I finally tried out that claw machine at the bar and this really weird frowny doll came out.

But the weird part is, I think it's this guy I saw in my cocoon dreams. So I was wondering, did anybody else get stuff that looked familiar outta there? Because that's pretty freaky, if you ask me.
eyeroll, well that's just typical

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[The page rips at the corner, suddenly, and darkens with something's drool. It rips again a second later, as if it had been yanked back out of the drooling party's mouth.]


What's wrong with these things? Geez!